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Pawn Shop in Wichita, KS

American Pawn and Guns

Wichita's Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop in Wichita, KS | American Pawn and Guns

American Pawn and Guns pawn shop is here to get you what you need. Thatís why we lend more and we pay top cash for all kind of items from smartphones to power tools. We also lend more for your gold, diamonds, higher-end jewelry, and up to date electronics.

Retail Merchandise for Sale

At American Pawn and Guns we offer an extensive selection of new and used merchandise, including jewelry guaranteed to sell for half of the appraised value, firearms, electronics and much more. Donít forget to ask about our FREE Movie Fridays!

Jewelry Repair | American Pawn and Guns

Jewelry Store

American Pawn and Guns is the best place to pawn, sell, or buy gold and jewelry in Wichita, KS. First and foremost we are experts in the field. Our associates are trained to know about gold and jewelry.

Jewelry Repair

Weather you are bringing in a family heirloom for refurbishing, or just needing a new earing back, we have you covered! Our jeweler has over 30 years of experience and those years can be seen in the immaculate quality of work on every piece. Along with repairing your current pieces, our cases are full of fine jewelry waiting to find a home in your collection.

"These guys are the best. Always very friendly and have great deals! Great gun selection, jewelry and electronics. Awesome service whether its needing to borrow money or purchase items. Professional and fair in price! Thanks to all at American pawn and guns."
- Jennifer Franklin
"Great customer service and good selection of quality used items with good prices, they have a good selection of firearms with great prices highly recommend them."
- Caleb Mcgowan
"I needed a fast loan to take care of bills before payday. I took my shotgun in and they took care of me, had cash in my hand in 10 mins. They were really friendly and I recommend them if u need a loan on a gun"
- Brandon Jones
"I took a necklace to A-OK and was told that it was only 10k. Knowing this had to be wrong I went back to American Pawn where it was purchased. They were great! They looked up the sale and checked the necklace and it was 18k. They know what they are doing and are honest and friendly. I will never go anywhere else again. Thank you American Pawn"
- Kathy Andrews
"Really great pawn shop! Amazing customer service (very understanding) good selection of tools, firearms, and jewelry. very flexible on prices. Highly recomended"
- Jaelon Sapp
"When, I walked in i was instantly greeted by the employee's. They seemed to genuinely care about how my experience of shopping at the pawn shop would be and what I needed. Best Pawn shop hands down."
- Evan Needs
"Consistently doing real business. They get theirs and you get yours 👌🏻 Excellent management on my last visit."
- Stephan Simmons
We buy Your Gift Cards

We Buy Gift Cards

Don't let your gift cards go to waste sitting in your wallet or dresser drawer. American Pawn and Guns will offer you cash for your unused or unwanted gift cards or let you swap yours for one you actually want.

Wish & You Shall Receive

Waiting for a specific item? Submit a request and we will update you once we have it in stock.